An investigation of the relationship between subjective sleep quality, loneliness and mood in an Australian sample: Can daily routine explain the links? — Int J Soc Psychiatry


Background: Loneliness and low mood are associated with significant negative health outcomes including poor sleep, but the strength of
the evidence underlying these associations varies. There is strong evidence that poor sleep quality and low mood are linked,
but only emerging evidence that loneliness and poor sleep are associated.

Aims: To independently replicate the finding that loneliness and poor subjective sleep quality are associated and to extend past
research by investigating lifestyle regularity as a possible mediator of relationships, since lifestyle regularity has been
linked to loneliness and poor sleep.

Methods: Using a cross-sectional design, 97 adults completed standardized measures of loneliness, lifestyle regularity, subjective
sleep quality and mood.

Results: Loneliness was a significant predictor of sleep quality. Lifestyle regularity was not a predictor of, nor associated with,
mood, sleep quality or loneliness.

Conclusions: This study provides an important independent replication of the association between poor sleep and loneliness. However, the
mechanism underlying this link remains unclear. A theoretically plausible mechanism for this link, lifestyle regularity, does
not explain the relationship between loneliness and poor sleep. The nexus between loneliness and poor sleep is unlikely to
be broken by altering the social rhythm of patients who present with poor sleep and loneliness.


Over Jeannette Rijks

Als eenzaamheidsexpert leer ik hulpverleners zoals coaches, therapeuten, trainers en counselors - professionals dus - anderen succesvol helpen bij de aanpak van eenzaamheid. Mijn motto: het kan wel!
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